Cutting with precision requires a sharp knife. That’s why I require Master Grade to keep all my knives sharp and precise.

Martin Yan Celebrity Chef

As a professional chef and chef instructor, the tools of my trade must perform at levels of excellence. A chef’s knife is, by far, the most important tool for a culinary professional. The knife must be balanced, in good condition and above all, sharp.
I have been trained to use tri-stone sharpeners on my knives, which are adequate but time consuming. For over ten years I have trusted MASTER GRADE sharpeners for all my straight edge knives. As an instructor, I employ MASTER GRADE sharpeners in my class and still have my first sharpener purchased that runs like the day I bought it.
In addition to providing a razor sharp cutting edge, the design of MASTER GRADE sharpening stones allows a true beveled edge to produce surgically-sharp cuts on produce and meats. Without hesitation I have recommended MASTER GRADE to friends, family and professional chefs. It has also served as an appropriate and greatly appreciated gift to home cooks and graduating culinary students.
Professional chefs and butchers rely on their most essential tool. To keep my knives at their peak of performance, I rely on MASTER GRADE. – October 7, 2017

James Conroy Chef

Cutting with precision requires a sharp knife. That’s why I require Master Grade to keep all my knives sharp and precise.

Martin Yan Celebrity Chef

I am an Owner/Executive Chef of a hig-end catering service in Philadelphia, PA. In this highly competitive field presentation is as important as the taste of the food. This means that razor sharp knives are not just preferred but absolutely essential.

In my company we only Master Grade Commercial Knife Sharpeners. Twenty-one years of experience have taught me that a good chef’s knife must not just be sharp but remain sharp, Master Grade provides an excellent product that quickly sharpens our most vital equipment and allows them to stay sharp to avoid unnecessary blade wear. I highly recommend this product it’s rapidly made a quality name for itself in my kitchen as well within our industry.

William Garber, PA Executive Chef

I purchased my first Master Grade from a salesman that came by my shop and demonstrated the sharpener. This is the only electric knife sharpener that I have seen that won’t burn a blade up. After I used the machine at the shop, I purchased another one for my slaughter house. I highly recommend these sharpeners to anyone especially if you can’t sharpen one with a stone.

Fred Forcella Forcella Custom Meats, Owner

I have cut meat for 37 years. I have worked as a butcher, kill floor boner, portion controller, chef cutter, store owner, meat manager and head cutter. I have worked in two countries and 15 states. This is by far the best, fastest, smoothest, even-to-blade sharpener I have ever used. I have owned one since I work in Key West for Win-Dixie.

Daniel P. Gidley 37 Years Professional Head Meat Cutter

I was in the meat business for over 35 years, at a grocery store. The Master Grade model MG-5000 was so easy to use that the store offered FREE knife sharpening to its customers. I have since retired from the meat business and now own. A laundromat and dry-cleaning business where I’ll be offering knife sharpening for extra income. The knife sharpener is by far the easiest sharpener I have used in the last 35 years of sharpening knives.

Dan Kippley 35 Years Professional Meat Cutter

I recently purchased Master Grade Professional Electric Knife Sharpener. I am a restaurant Manager and I have bought several knife sharpeners in the last year. I have been disappointed with every one of them until I tried Master Grade. Wow what a difference! Sharpened razor sharp every time. I use my Master Grade on all my knives at work and at home. Thank you Master Grade. Your knife sharpener is the best.

Robert Chase General Manager High class restaurant

Master Grade knife sharpener is one of the most effective one that I have used. I highly recommended this product to chefs who run a productive kitchen.

Academic Director Bill Sy The International Culinary School

I have used the Master Grade Knife Sharpener on all my dull knives and they have all come out really sharp. I used them on 3 of my Chinese Chef knives and cleaver as well as the little paring knives that I have.
It is easy to use and cleaning is just as easy, especially with the new knob at the bottom of the sharpener that you can just twist without having to use any other tools to open it.
I am the Executive Chef for a Team Building company based in San Francisco and I use this sharpener on all the dull knives as well. It saves me time and a lot of money without having the inconvenience of going to knife sharpeners who charge a lot of money per knife.
Last year, I gave this knife sharpener to a friend of mine who is the chef/owner of his restaurant in Grass Valley and he is delighted with it. He uses it daily in his restaurant and says he cannot do without it now.
Thank you, Master Grade, for coming up with a sharpener that is easy to use and that works well.

Julie Tan - Le Culinaire Concierge Executive Chef

Master Grade brings a whole new level to knife sharpening tools. I gathered all the dullest knives I could and sharpened them on the Master Grade. WOW // it brought my knives back to cutting-edge quality.

Rommel Delarosa, AK. Executive Chef

I have been a Meat Cutter for 20 years. And I also have had my own sharpening service for 5 years. I have used everything from belt grinders to grinding wheels, all with poor results. But the Master Grade Commercial Knife Sharpener is the most efficient knife sharpener I have ever seen. If you want sharpening service, or if you are a Meat Cutter, a Butcher or a Fish Monger, this is the machine to “have”. This machine is money well spent.

Scott Christman, NE Professional Sharpening Service