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October 24. 2018.
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13 Must-Know Knife and Sharpener Sales for Every Chef in Your Life

The holiday rush might be right around the corner, but any serious chef knows that premium kitchen tools are essential any time of year. With that in mind, Master Grade has announced 13 limited-time sales designed to connect professional chefs with knives and knife sharpeners that elevate their every kitchen creation.   Check out these sales, and share photos of you with your new kitchen tool on Instagram @mgsharpener!   Get a jumpstart on Christmas shopping and order the  7″ Santoku Knife on Amazon for the chef in your life! Save 10% through the month of October with promo code […]

October 6. 2018.
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Master Grade Kicks Off Rare Sale on I.O. Shen Knives and Knife Sharpeners

If you’re a chef, butcher, caterer or a passionate home cook, you know that Master Grade is a leader in unbeatable professional knives and knife sharpeners. And now, for a limited time only, these award-winning I.O. Shen knife collection and knife sharpeners are on sale on Amazon.   With the holidays just around the corner, now is the time to ensure you have all the top-notch tools to create those holiday dinners—either for guests of your restaurant or guests at your own home. If you’re serious about cooking and only settle for the best, don’t miss this limited time sale! […]

September 13. 2018.
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Five Fast Facts About the Santoku Knife

Loosely translating as “three virtues” or “three uses,” the word “Santoku” refers to the knife’s three specialties: slicing, mincing and dicing. The Santoku Knife is a modern twist on the traditional Western chef’s knife. Elegantly styled, the Santoku is a chef’s knife reimagined for use in Japanese cooking. In the mid-1940s, the Japanese began to discover new styles of cooking popular in the West. As a result, they developed the Santoku knife, which was their own version of the Western chef knife. The Santoku design is shorter, lighter and thinner than a traditional Western chef’s knife, and it is more […]