13 Must-Know Knife and Sharpener Sales for Every Chef in Your Life

24. Oct. 2018.
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The holiday rush might be right around the corner, but any serious chef knows that premium kitchen tools are essential any time of year. With that in mind, Master Grade has announced 13 limited-time sales designed to connect professional chefs with knives and knife sharpeners that elevate their every kitchen creation.


Check out these sales, and share photos of you with your new kitchen tool on Instagram @mgsharpener!


  1. Get a jumpstart on Christmas shopping and order the  7″ Santoku Knife on Amazon for the chef in your life! Save 10% through the month of October with promo code SANTOKU210


  1. Had your eye on the I.O. Shen 4 ¼” Pointed Paring Knife? Now is the perfect time to indulge. For the next week, this gorgeous knife is 10% off with promo code IOSHENDEAL


  1. Treat yourself to the versatile I.O. Shen 3 ½”Curved Paring Knife. You can skip the guilt because this artisanal knife is 15% off with promo code IO5093DEAL


  1. No chef’s kitchen would be complete without the I.O. Shen 6 ¼” Santoku Knife. This knife is perfect for slicing, dicing and mincing and is 15% off with promo code IO5026DEAL


  1. Knife owners know that having a reliable sharpening tool is essential to keep their knives in top condition. You can save 10% on the Master Grade 12″ Sharpening Stick Rod using promo code ST1500DEAL


  1. Are you searching for a sharpening solution that isn’t made of steel? We’ve got you! This month you can save 10% on the Master Grade 11″ White Ceramic Sharpening Stick with promo code ST3600DEAL


  1. Keep your knives in pristine condition with the Master Grade 11″ Black Ceramic Sharpening Stick, which is now 10% with promo code ST2600DEAL


  1. Looking for a powerful stainless steel knife with a thin blade? The 7″ Japanese Style Usuba Knife is perfect. Find out for yourself and save 15% using promo code USUBA7DEAL


  1. If you’re in need of a small knife that specializes in making clean, delicate and precise cuts, you’ve got to experience the 5.5″ Japanese Stainless Steel Usuba Knife. Order in October and save 15% with promo code USUBA5DEAL


  1. If you can’t get enough of I.O. Shen products, check out the Master Grade Knife Bag, which can hold up to 8 knives. Best of all, it’s 20% off with promo code KB2000DEAL


  1. With the holidays quickly approaching, you can’t afford to have dull knives. Save 10% on a Master Grade Premium Multi-Stage Electric Knife Sharpener using promo code MG-600DEAL


  1. Master Grade, leading experts in the sharpening industry, have you covered for gifts this season. The Master Grade 12″ Sharpening Stick features a sleek design and a hard-Chrome finish and is currently 10% with promo code ST1700DEAL


  1. The Master Grade Premium Manual Knife Sharpener is the only sharpener that prevents waviness in the future. It also is a comfortable tool for both right and left-handed people. See the appeal for yourself and save 40% using promo code MS1000DEAL
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