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May 4. 2018.
Event Tradeshow

The NRA Tradeshow is Around the Corner (and so are we!)

The National Restaurant Association (NRA) tradeshow is almost here! The NRA’s annual event of all things culinary is coming to Chicago, and we’re excited to see you there. Along with it being an extraordinary opportunity to check out new industry equipment and explore fresh technology, you’ll have the chance to hear from industry leaders, network with food industry peers and enter for your chance to win your very own I.O. Shen knife.   The Details   What: The 2018 NRA Tradeshow Where: McCormick Place, 2301 S. Lake Shore Dr., in Chicago, IL When: Sat. May 19 – Tues. May 22 from 9:30 […]

April 13. 2018.
Kitchen Knife Knife Sharpener

Commercial Knife Sharpeners or Professional Knife Sharpeners? Finding the Right Electric Knife Sharpener for You

Commercial Knife Sharpeners or Professional Knife Sharpeners? Finding the Right Electric Knife Sharpener for You. Top chefs know that kitchen safety is vital. According to OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration), sharp knives are crucial to maintaining wellbeing and safety during food prep. The simplest and most cost-effective way to keep your knives sharp is to ditch the costly sharpening services and keep it in-house. But in an industry of options, how can you know which electric knife sharpener is right for you and the safety of your kitchen staff? A commercial knife sharpener or a professional knife sharpener? Watch celebrity […]

April 3. 2018.

Knife Sharpening 101

Sharp knives save lives—or at least they save fingers. Keeping tools in prime condition is integral to personal safety as well as excellent job performance. Check out this quick guide for tips on maintaining the peak performance and cutting edge of your knives Test your knife’s edge Hold a folded (but not creased) sheet of newspaper or copy paper by one end. Lay the blade against the top edge at an angle and slice outward. If the knife fails to slice the paper cleanly, try honing its edge with a steel. How to use a steel Maintaining your blades with […]