Commercial Knife Sharpeners or Professional Knife Sharpeners? Finding the Right Electric Knife Sharpener for You

13. Apr. 2018.
Kitchen Knife Knife Sharpener

Commercial Knife Sharpeners or Professional Knife Sharpeners? Finding the Right Electric Knife Sharpener for You. Top chefs know that kitchen safety is vital. According to OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration), sharp knives are crucial to maintaining wellbeing and safety during food prep. The simplest and most cost-effective way to keep your knives sharp is to ditch the costly sharpening services and keep it in-house. But in an industry of options, how can you know which electric knife sharpener is right for you and the safety of your kitchen staff? A commercial knife sharpener or a professional knife sharpener?

Watch celebrity Chef Martin Yan demonstrate the speed and efficiency of using a knife sharpener—in less than 2 minutes.

Not Every Electric Knife Sharpener is Created Equal  Rather than lugging your knives to a commercial sharpening business, you can save valuable time and money by doing it yourself. Once you’re convinced that keeping an electric knife sharpener in-house is in your best interest, it’s time to choose the right type for your needs. Your friends or personal research may turn out some good recommendations for sharpeners at your price point. But we recommend checking chef endorsements for knife sharpeners—well-known chefs will only put their stamp of approval on products they really believe in.

Hear what professional chef David Holly, owner of Knife Merchant, has to say about finding the right knives and sharpeners for your restaurant.

Commercial Knife Sharpener A commercial knife sharpener is a heavy duty electric knife sharpener built for high-volume usage. These kinds of sharpeners are the perfect solution for knife-driven businesses, such as commercial kitchens, slaughterhouses, food processing, culinary schools, supermarkets, restaurants and butchershops

Professional Knife Sharpener A professional knife sharpener is a somewhat smaller electric knife sharpener designed with professionals in mind. But it can just as easily be used at home for professional results. If you’re an avid home chef or process food and/or meat regularly, a professional knife sharpener is a fabulous choice to quickly sharpen your knives in just a few minutes.

There are many options when it comes to sharpening kitchen blades. But remember that the best results depend on using the right (and best) equipment. After you determine your ideal electric knife sharpener, that is, which professional knife sharpener or commercial knife sharpener is right for you, do your research to choose a chef-approved brand that ensures that you maintain your sharpest edge.

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