Knives are the most important tools in the kitchen,
and Master Grade offers an extensive selection.
Careful engineering ensures that each of our knives is balanced, comfortable,
and always razor-sharp, which makes food prep a true delight.

I.O.Shen MG Knife Series

The I.O.Shen Master Grade knife series is one of our most popular collections. Choose from several chef’s knives in various sizes, Asian-style knives, specialty knives, beautiful gift sets, and the popular SS-1000 I.O.Shen sharpening stone.

420-J Stainless Steel Knives

Our collection of 420-J stainless steel knives includes classic Oriental knives as well as Santoku and Usuba knives. Each one has been carefully engineered to have a razor-sharp blade, comfortable grip, beautiful design, and unsurpassed durability.

3-Layer High-Speed Stainless-Steel Knives

Our 3-layer high-speed stainless-steel knives are some of our most popular products. These heavy-duty cleavers and choppers can tackle some of the most difficult cuts with ease. They are perfectly balanced, aesthetically beautiful, and incredibly comfortable in the hand.

Butcher’s Knife

Every professional chef and home cook deserves a top-of-the-line butcher’s knife. Master Grade is proud to offer several butcher’s knives to suit your individual needs. Our knives offer the perfect balance between durability, flexibility, and a razor edge that makes boning, trimming, skinning, and fileting a dream.