Alpine Electric Knife Sharpener

The only sharpener with sharpening skill built into the machine, made sharpening the knife easy and fun.

At Master Grade, we continuously designing and developing knife sharpener that will help you to sharpen your knife easyand fun. The Alpine series is simple to use and its design and size will be easily to store or show off at your kitchen countertop.

It is a tool, not a toy; we built it using the best materials, parts, and labor so that it will serve its purpose, a real tool that can sharpen the knife sharp.

With a sharp knife gets clean-cut meats, vegetables, and fruits, nutrients and moisture intact, tastier home cooking, and an art food presentation.


  • No more dull knives at home, easy to use, sharp in seconds
  • Designed by a knife expert who transferring his skill into the machine, sharpening made easy
  • Angle guides maintain 11° ~ 15° cutting edge
  • Premium soft stone technology minimizes burr
  • Not intended for serrated, single edge knives, but can work for recurve blade
  • Compact size L 8” X W 3.75” X H 3“
  • Solid design, built with high-quality materials, parts, and labor. Made in Taiwan
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