Fine Sharpening Sleeve

If you sharpen knives heavily, we also have sharpening sleeve available for you to save money. Cut the outer part sand paper like sleeve and install the new sleeve. Please replace the base when the second black cushion part gets hardening that will affect sharpening result.


Master GradeSC – 02A a-pair Fine Sharpening Sleeve for MG – 5000, 4500 & 1000 series

  • Master Grade Soft-Touch Sharpening Wheels

  • Approximately last up to 1,000~1,200 passes

  • To get razor sharp. Not for Pre-sharpening (re-profiling)

This sharpening wheel’s life is depending on:

  • How many knives you will sharpen in a week

  • Condition of your knives

  • Level of sharpening skills

  • Size L X W X H : 5.5″ x 3.0″ x 2.8″

  • Made in Taiwan


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