K-005 Boning/Filleting Knife- 6 ¾” / 170 mm


  • Designed to cut up to and around bones
  • Japanese designed used for filleting and de-boning joints, narrow blade with tapered tip makes it easier to work around bones
  • It is very flexible boning knives that are used to filet and prepare fish, meat and poultry
  • Easily separate meat and bone, or meat and the skin
  • Triplex technology – I.O. Shen has overcome the brittleness of hard steel, using a layer of super hard steel ERDON 62°, sandwiched between two layers of softer ERDON 10° steel to produce the ultimate cutting edge
  • The handles made with ebonite which is durable and heat resistant. (Hand wash only, no dishwasher as it may damage your knife)


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