R-606 New Style Chef 7″ steel handle

This new designed Chef knife combines with the best of French knife (light weight but not easy to slice) and Oriental knife (easy to slice, dicing, and mincing but too heavy and too big to handle) together to create the easy and comfort to use also very easy to sharpen. This 3-layer blade designed edge will stay sharper 10 times longer than any other knife in the market.

  • Chinese Style Chef Knife
  • Blade size: 7″ X 3″
  • Steel Handle size: 4.3″
  • It is handmade, 7 hours long to build this piece
  • Only 2 manufacturers left in the World that still produce knife with 3-layer technology
  • Made in Taiwan

3-layer Stainless Steel

Master Grade 3-layer stainless steel knife is the only knife that was built using TRIPLEX TECHNOLOGY.

Master Grade has laminated a thin layer of a very hard high speed stainless steel HRC 65° (about as thick as a business card) with two layers of soft steel about HRC 5°.
It is designed to reduce resistance as the knife cut through the food. So, you have the advantage of the blade edge staying sharper 10 times longer than any other knives in the market.

Master Grade is one of two manufactures left in the world that still manufacturing 3-layer knives, each took 7 hours craftsmanship finish to produce such a perfect blade edge.

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