4 Reasons to Maintain Your Edge

18. May. 2017.

Anyone who uses any kind of equipment understands the necessity of keeping tools in top condition. A sharp knife is no exception. Professionals like chefs and meat cutters quickly learn to be cautious of a knife’s cutting edge. Wariness aside, anyone with real food prep experience will agree that a sharp knife is vastly preferable to a dull one.


Food Network’s Alton Brown relates happiness to a sharp knife. If that’s not convincing enough, here are 4 key reasons why you should keep your blade on the cutting edge.

Sharp knives mean safety

Contrary to the myth that a sharp edge is perilous to the user, the opposite is actually true. Keeping a knife routinely sharp is the key. The cook doesn’t need to apply excessive pressure to make a cut. Less pressure means less likelihood that the food will shift or slip in your grasp, causing the knife to connect with your finger instead of the food. A consistently sharp knife is a much safer tool.

Sharp knives make food more appealing

Presentation matters. Visual appeal is a vital component of the dining experience. Many chefs and food prep workers are artists in their own right, and a sharp knife allows for cleaner cuts that don’t deform fragile ingredients. Foods will maintain their fresh look longer if sliced through cleanly, since dull knives smash the cells around the cut which speeds wilting.

Sharp knives make better tasting food

Foods prepared so that moisture and nutrients are unharmed simply taste better. Dull knives damage food. While crushed tomatoes might make a mouth-watering marinara sauce, they make for a completely unappetizing salad. Sharp knives cut ingredients cleanly and accurately, keeping juices intact for sumptuous meals.

Sharp knives reduce prep time

Sharp knives increase your productivity and speed up your prep time. They also lessen the wear and tear on your wrists. Cutting through items more quickly and efficiently means you don’t have to apply as much pressure on the knife. Less effort and time will add minutes to your day and reduce your frustration in the kitchen. Your wrists will thank you.


Dull knives are the bane of every food preparer, while sharp knives are a bit of bliss. Whether you use knives professionally or simply in your own kitchen, everyone can reap the benefits of finely sharpened, well cared for implements. Safety, visual appeal, taste and reduced prep time are all valuable reasons to keep your knives honed to perfection. Sharp knives definitely give you an edge, whether you’re preparing a satisfying feast for your guests or for yourself.


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